50m VGA Extender With Audio
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VGA video frequency audio system will balance the VGA signal through the non shielded five kinds of network cable, in order to enhance the common mode noise and interference signal suppression, at the same time to save the cost of wire rod and simplify the engineering wiring.

H and V signal to the RGB signal after the use of patented technology to send, only use the CAT_5 cable three pairs of twisted pair to complete the SVGA, XGA,, WXGA, RGBHV SXGA VGA signal decoding, and the use of remote high frequency compensation to increase processing, bandwidth up to 700MHz, in the fixed 2dB gain, easy to reach 450MHz.

The receiving end uses the industry's unique balanced input signal buffer, ground potential isolation, variable gain amplification, balanced / unbalanced conversion, five stage pole weighted equalization compensation, common mode signal recovery, output gain adjustment, synchronous signal decoding, high fidelity video distribution and so on.

It also has a continuous brightness and contrast control, so that the transmission distance of VGA signal reaches 50 meters, and the maximum transmission resolution can be reached to 1920*1440@60Hz (300MHz PDP), and the need for TV signal transmission.

Because the entire transmission system uses weighted zero split for a balance transfer of patent technology. So twisted pair in the signal transmission does not caused by external EMI interference.

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