KVM DVI Optical Transceiver
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DVI-T/R transmitter is composed of DVI transmitter (DVI-T) DVI receiver DVI-R, through a core signal single-mode fiber transmission DVI, VGA, Audip, RS232 serial. In the multimedia application system, the DVI digital video signal, VGA analog video signal, audio and video signal, RS232 control signal for long-distance transmission are often required. But the use of ordinary cables long distance transmission, there is always a differential output signal, is easy to be disturbed, displayed the image will blurring, smearing, separation phenomenon. Simultaneous transmission of short distance, to a plurality of cable to transmit these signals, can not meet the requirements of long distance transmission of multimedia information release and a high-definition video camera and other occasions, the use DVI-T/R optical transmission, completely solve the this problem, transmission distance of 1 meters - 100 km. At the same time, optical transmission attenuation with the advantages of small, wide frequency band, strong anti-jamming performance, high safety performance, small volume, light weight, so in the long distance transmission and special environment has incomparable advantages.

In addition, DVI-T/R can simultaneous transmission RS232 serial signal, and liquid crystal screen communications, video camera, can also be used as a long distance transmission of the touch screen module for. DVI transmitter devices in the multimedia system application, save construction costs and take the line complexity, and can guarantee high quality target as possible. DVI-T is the optical transmitter, R DVI- is a light receiver, the use of two devices, can be realized by DVI-T optical transmitter to DVI, Audio, VGA, RS232 signal transmitted to the R DVI- optical receiver, especially suitable for the transmission of HD video signals in the train station, military exercises, high-definition cameras and other long distance applications.

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