USB to VGA Expandable Screen Display
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A USB interface to the notebook or computer signal to VGA signal output to the display device, can be used for multi screen display, the use of USB connection, no external power supply, does not occupy D-Sub terminals, while the display does not need to add additional graphics, you only need to plug into the USB converter on the other side of the USB signal, and then the product will automatically switch into the screen display signal to a fast speed output to another monitor, the best effect can be supported at the same time connected to a single host on 6.

Product advantage:

USB to VGA converter support function mode:

1 main display

2 free expansion mode (screen expansion)

3 mirror (screen copy)

Support screen multi angle rotation: 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees ;

Support multimedia display manager ;

Support intelligent ID Monitor detection ;

Product features:

1. no additional power supply, small size, easy to carry, with;

2. compatible with all CRT and flat panel displays, while supporting the current all computer operating system ;

3. according to the need to adjust the screen is the highest to 1920*1080 resolution, support 32 true color depth;

4. you can send DVD video and computer screen, exponentially increasing the desktop, can improve the work efficiency;

5. currently a host of up to 6 USB switch VGA converter ;

6. USB to VGA converter using USB connection, does not occupy the D-Sub terminal, while the expansion of the display does not need to add additional graphics; only with VGA/VGA interface display screen can be ;

7. USB to VGA converter can be extended to more than two of the same picture screen or each screen to display different images of the content, while the operation of each screen is not affected, does not affect the display quality of the extended.

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Very fast delivery 2 weeks! Thank you! The prouct works well.

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